Steps to fix a boring sex life

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People love explosions and celebrations, and why not, it’s exciting, right?  Our best memories are usually centered on exciting events that we saw or took part in.  That’s the reason why sex and excitement should go hand in hand.  Sometimes it’s tough to admit the truth but occasionally our sex lives can leave much to be desired.

As you have probably heard before, admission of something is the absolute first step towards correcting it.  The truth is, if you’re constantly having boring sex it’s definitely time to do something about it, life is too short.

Stop lying to yourself and acknowledge your bedroom boredom to yourself and your partner.  Just jump out there and take a risk for a change.  In a loving and assuring manner, let your partner know that you’ve gotten slightly bored in the bedroom.  Don’t try to simply cast blame and doubt towards your partner; if you do that, you’ll have two problems to deal with, boring sex and emotional problems.  It is probably best to have the conversation in a place other than the bedroom after a lackluster sexual session.

Take responsibility for your portion of the problem.  Let your partner know that you are aware of your inability to light the fire in the bedroom as well.  Keep yourself open minded and let your significant other knows that you are open to their suggestions.  You just might simply be missing reciprocation.

Get to the ‘real’ root of your issues, and don’t look for a simple fix.  Maybe you need more lead-ins to foreplay, more oral, or other more kinky things.  Your difficulties could also be solved with a simple change of scenery.

Give yourself permission to conduct little sexual experiments like a dirty mad scientist.  Whatever it takes to save your relationship; but who says you can’t also have a lot of fun in trying to save it also?

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