Romance vs Sex!

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Some men just don’t get it. Sex and romance go together, but romance does not necessarily mean sex. It is a hard concept for men to wrap their head around. If you ever want to achieve true sexual fulfillment, you are going to have to give it a try.

It is possible to have a highly romantic relationship without having sex involved. Romance should be used as a way to express your feelings for you partner. It should never be a means to a sexual end. True romantic gestures don’t give conditions.

If passion has disappeared in the relationship, a lack of romance may be the problem. Women put a lot of value in romance. A woman who feels unappreciated and taken for granted finds it harder to respond to sexual overtures from her mate.

Romance is one of the most powerful foreplay methods that men can employ. Romantic gestures go a long way in preparing a woman mentally as well as physically for sex. Romance is often underrated and overlooked.

Some couples feel that a loss of passion is normal in marriage. Part of this is due to media’s promotion of wild and carefree sex. There are several studies that actually show the opposite is true.

Married men and women rate the happiness with their sex life higher than single people. People who have fewer sexual partners before marriage rate their satisfaction higher too. This negates the belief that more partners make you a better lover. In fact, the surveys show that having multiple sexual partners actually makes people more cynical and critical.

Some people cling to the belief of multiple partners. They seem to think that they need to have sex with everyone they date in order to determine compatibility. Learning about a potential mate’s likes, ideas and emotions doesn’t have to involve the bedroom.

Another questionable belief is that great prowess in bed will solve relationship problems. Hot sex may be fun, but it only covers up the real issues. In order to achieve stellar lovemaking, couples need to resolve the relationship problems.

There are two books that may help you negate the romantic waters and build the potential relationship that you want. The ebook 1000 Questions for Couples before you get married can help guide couples through a list of compatibility issues. It covers not just sex but many other topics as well.

The other ebook that may help is 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships. This book helps couples determine what is missing in their relationship. It takes a deep look into all the pieces that couples need to complete a satisfying relationship.

Great sex is enjoyable but it can’t make a relationship great on its own. It needs help from romance and the development of deeper connections. Couples that want happiness and great lovemaking need to connect all the pieces of the romance puzzle.


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