Why there are so many Penis pills?

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Magna-rx, Blowing Tiger, Rx-stamina, ProLibido, or anything fancy with an ‘x’ in it. And you got a penis pill name?

I think I am the guy who used to get excited about the idea of popping a pill and getting my sex life recharged. As I told you earlier I had low Testosterone levels as well so I had to find something that worked for me as my Doc just won’t help me. I have tried lots of these products and soon found out what’s going on in there.

There is something inherently wrong about anonymous, foreign young women advertising a product for increasing the size of body part they don’t even have. Yet, almost every email account junk box is filled with these advertisements. Penis pill scams are swamping the internet and a lot of men are falling for them.

Most men are concerned about their penis size. It is a big part of their image whether they want to admit it or not. Companies who produce penis pills know this and are using this fact to get honest money in less than honest means.

Avoiding a penis pill scam is actually fairly easy. Men just need to look beyond the naked women on the ads and take a good look at the pills themselves. Men need to look at the ingredients in the pills. Most penis pills are filled with relatively harmless and ineffective ingredients. If men don’t understand the ingredients, they should not be taking them.

Most penis pill ads are filled with unbelievable testimonials and very little actual data. They promise to increase the size of the penis in a very short time. They may also promise to increase endurance to over an hour. Not only is that unrealistic, it just isn’t healthy or natural. Penis brand pills that do not have credible medical backing should be avoided.

In order to sell their products, penis pill scams rely on the low self-image of some men. They target those who feel inferior and those who have this hidden desire to become the next Ron Jeremy or a popular rock star.

The truth is, men who were not blessed with penis size and performance, do not have to resort to pills. They may be surprised to know that getting in shape can make a difference with regards to the appearance of their penis. Men with belly fat may, unknowingly, cover their penis. They can make this stand out by trimming the pubic hair. They can, also, increase the sensitivity around the base.

Before they fall prey to penis pill scams, men should discuss this with their partner. This may be difficult for them to admit but though, the size of their penis is contributory for sexual satisfaction, what is also important is his performance in bed. As a matter of fact, this may even give him an edge.

Though the internet is a helpful tool, it can also be a means to scam people. Scam companies selling penis pills are aware that some men are sensitive when it comes to their penis. They have different tricks up their sleeve to make a profit. There is no known pill that can significantly increase their penis so they should get rid of their junk mail.

So, it is good to know that Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, a scam company selling dietary supplements, was fined $2.5 million for false advertisement of their “Smiling Bob” penis enhancement pills. They were charged because of making false claims about their products and for not honoring a money-back guarantee. In addition to this, they have to make a full refund to customers.

How To Get Scammed While Buying A Penis Pill?

If you are seriously planning to get scammed by a penis pill company -

1). Do not look for the ingredients in the penis pill. Yeah, why care. The name should be enough. If it’s a product called ‘Blowing Tiger’ that should be enough to convince you It will make you a tiger in bed and blow her mind. Right?

2). Blindly believe any testimonials thrown at you. An increasing number of penis pills companies rely on fake testimonials. What’s more new technologies make it even more easier than ever before to generate a fake testimonial.

3). Buy a product not backed up by medical community.

4). Buy a pill that makes ridiculous claims of penis size increase within a short time or one that makes you last longer than an hour in bed. All those products claiming to turn your member into a super-penis must be right. Right? After all superman also exists somewhere on this planet.

5). Buy any product under self sabotage emotions like inferiority complex, burning desire to be a sex rockstar, or trying to be one of those Porn stars.

What Is Better Than A Scam Penis Pill?

If you are troubled by the size of your penis, there are some things that you can do.

Have an open communication with your partner.

Some old habits are hard to break and it is quite difficult to communicate, openly, about you and your partner’s preferences when it comes to sex. The hardest part is to initiate the conversation. However, you will be glad that you did since you will later discover the magic it brings back to your sex life. One of the main reasons of an unhappy sex life is lack of communication.

Get in shape

There are many ways to improve your appearance such as regular workouts and better
physical conditioning. You will be surprised at the wonders these could do. It does not only
enhance your looks but also gives you more strength and stamina while during your sexual
encounters. When you look good, you have the confidence to perform better in bed.

Get in shape

Lose that belly fat

Most men feel bothered with the size of their penis. But in fact, what they need is a
reduction of their belly fat. When a large belly hangs over your genitals, it looks as if you
have a shorter and smaller penis. Losing your belly fat can improve the appearance of your
penis. The best solution, therefore, is to obtain an ideal weight.

Trim your pubic hair

When you have a lot of pubic hair surrounding the base of your penis, it looks as if your
penis is short. So, you can trim it to make your penis look bigger in appearance. Also, it
boosts sensitivity in this area.

pubic hair