How to have better harder erections naturally !

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In addition to its sexual uses, your penis could also be used to gauge your overall health. As it is said, ‘the harder you are, the better things are”. Typically, as the rigidity goes, a man may lose sight of himself or his health. Regardless of past accomplishments or whatever skill he may possess in the bedroom, most guys are still going to judge themselves by their erection. You could refer to this as “rigid midget syndrome” if you like. So to make a long story short, the rule of thumb is; harder is better, and indicates good overall health.

Researchers have been able to finally link overall health with sexual frequency with the last 10 years. Erections are simply harder when the blood vessels are healthier; as is the heart and brain. Brain function and erections also function along similar lines; being that one has a bearing on the other. If hormone levels are good and there are no weight problems to deal with, overall general health will be great and of course his erections will be much more rigid as well. For most guys, the final knowledge of the relation between these disparate elements will eventually push them towards taking better care of themselves.

It would seem that most of the sexual decline once attributed to age is now being linked with inactive lifestyle habits and lack of proper nutrition over a long period of time. It’s starting to become clearer and clearer; general health and wellness is very important to sexual health, and with proper maintenance both can continue on for a very long time.

At the University of Bristol, there was a study conducted of around 2.5k men, is was discovered that men who accomplished more than 3 orgasms per week were ½ as probable to experience stroke or heart attack when compared to the less sexually active.

To put it simply, it would seem that having sex all the time keeps you alive longer and protects you from deadly health conditions. The catch is that you need to be in general good health in order for your sexual activity to reach that level. The benchmark of ‘sex at least three times a week’ seems to be the standard by which most men measure themselves. And of course the rigidity of his erection is an important indicator of his general health and wellness.

There is a prevailing and distinctive connection among deteriorating erections and familiar medical conditions; these include chubbiness, elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension, sleeping difficulties, diabetes, or heart disease. Hardening of the arties often starts in the penis, before showing up in other areas. Keep in mind there are up to 100k miles of blood vessels in your body, so this is really important information for sufferers of these conditions.

5 little things to try out:

1. Avoid wearing briefs – the tighter your underwear is the more restrictive it is to your erection. It impedes the flow of blood, and blood is responsible for boners, right? So try to switch to boxer shorts if you can.

2. Change your lifestyle habits; smoking and drinking – It should be obvious at this point to anyone that, smoking and drinking is bad for your overall health. The only thing these substances do is slowly chip away at your libido; add very weak erections to the mix and now you’ve got a pretty good idea.

3. Get regular exercise – It’s not exactly a new idea, but it is one that works. Exercise helps your body strengthen up and work fore efficiently. Through it you can maintain your weight, overall health, and improve / maintain your libido. And when you’re extremely fit, you’ll appear to be younger, which will most likely lead to more social encounters.

4. Gravitate towards more pure, natural and healthy food choices. Try to get the appropriate servings of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods to guarantee all of your bodily systems are getting the materials they need to operate.

5. Look for herbal supplements that are made for treating sexual dysfunction- its natural. The supplements should be backed by the medical community. If you choose a quality product they will probably increase sperm production in addition to strength of erection.

Feel free to use every single tip on the above list. A weak little erection isn’t the most uplifting thing to behold; and it certainly doesn’t do much for the self esteem. Don’t be afraid to get the help you need, there are people out there right now that really know what they are doing, and can help you.

How to maintain an erection – Few other tips for better erection

It might be important to first figure out the cause of most erection difficulties; and stress is certainly among them. Stress has become know as a serious instigator for a myriad of different health problems, not the least of which is sexual in nature.  The high levels of epinephrine that are released by stress are responsible for creating all manner of difficulties within the circulation system especially.

“Stress is directly responsible for increasing epinephrine levels,” states Jay Winner, M.D., and author of Stress Management Made Simple. “Once the stress level is lowered, things return to normal and sexual function improves dramatically” Dr. Winner goes on to say.

Insomnia and difficulties with snoring can also lead to sexual problems. Combine these problems with an elevated stress level and you’ve got a decreased libido.  Improper diet and exercise are also compounding factors that can work in concert with stress to deplete sexual energy.  Better erections and increased sexual stamina are easily obtainable, but only if you can manage or completely eliminate the stress and / or stressful factors in your life.

Even serious erection disorders like Erectile dysfunction can be treated in exactly the same way that you would treat premature ejaculation. 40% of men who regularly did their Kegels exercises were able to recapture their normal sexual functionality; this was determined during a study of around 55 guys suffering from ED.

There are foods and herbs that can help with these types of problems.  In addition to herbs, you should also try some aphrodisiacs, fruits, and super potent antioxidants. There are already some products on the market such as VigrxPlus and Semenax proven to improve erection hardness and increase semen volume.

If all else fails you can also enlist the help of an experienced acupuncturist; perhaps one that specifically deals with sexual difficulties. Yoga is also a highly recommended practice that can not only help you overcome sexual problems, but also become stronger and more flexible all over, inside and out.


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