The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Longer Lasting Sex

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Self-assurance Self confidence is your door to ultimate freedom. It plays a role in your overall performance, and the way she sees you as a sexual being and man. The past is past, can’t change it; stand proud and look to the future. Premature ejaculation isn’t the end of the world, you’ll overcome it.   As you age, your ejaculatory reflex will become somewhat callused. What better way to ease your mind and slip into serenity than by asserting yourself as a worthwhile lover.

Serenity – The more calm you are, the longer you stay parasympathetic. Staying serene in the midst of a sexual exploit is difficult. . Give it your best shot, and try to keep in mind that your length in the bedroom hinges on how calm you can remain.

A Clear and Open Mind – Don’t let outside (or inside) distractions deter you from your task.   Your body interprets mental stimulation as a signal to prepare the ejaculatory ducts. The cerebral cortex is a bit unpredictable when it comes to sexual activities; depending on how you use it you could be ‘getting it on’ for a few minutes up to several hours.

Absorb these 3 items, and let them become part of your routine.  You don’t need to constantly dwell on them, just keep things natural and laid back.  The more you practice them, the more natural they will become in your sexual exploits.

And if required, try pills to treat early ejaculation.


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