Body image and sex – The List Topping Body Issues for Men and Women

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Self-esteem is a rough thing to maintain. Even the most confident looking person in the world has some body part that they don’t like. Here are the five most common body issues for both men and women.

The one issue that tops the men’s list is the penis size. Most men feel that they aren’t big enough. They equate an abundantly sized package with sexual prowess. They are mistaken, but it is hard to convince them of that.

The next issue that men list is balding. When men are losing their hair, it can be very traumatic for them. The dissertation of their hair makes it hard for some men to feel young, manly and appealing.

Aging signs take the third spot on the list. Wrinkles and gray hair make men feel that it is hard to compete in the cooperate world. These use to be the mark of an experienced and distinguished man; changing standards have forced men to seek assistance in looking younger.

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The stomach comes in fourth on the list of body issues. When women gain weight, it tends to distributes to the butt or thighs. For men, excess weight normally accumulates around the stomach which creates the dreaded “spare tire”.

The final issue of the top five is height. Most men wish that they were taller and for a pretty good reason. Studies have shown that many women are still on the hunt for a slightly older, richer and taller mate.

Men aren’t the only ones with body issues. Women also have their own complaints. These are the top five body issues on the woman’s side of things.

For women, weight takes the number one spot. Most women feel that they are at least five to ten pounds over the recommended weight limit. The number on the scale really bothers a large percentage of women.

Breast size gets the runner-up spot. Very few women think that their breasts are the perfect size. Most contend that their breasts are too small or too big for them to be happy.

The sign of aging comes in third. Women have a hard time contending with sagging skin, drooping breasts, expanding waistlines and the vicious appearance of varicose veins. Men who tend to seek out younger women are not helping the problem in any way.

The fourth body issue is the thighs. This one, men just don’t understand. While a woman spends energy worrying that they are too fat or too thin, a man barely notices. Sure he sees a woman’s thighs, but he doesn’t share her obsession with them.

The fifth body issue is the aftermaths of pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and delivery bring on stretch marks, caesarian scars and a vagina that doesn’t have the elasticity of the old days. Women love their babies, but they don’t appreciate what bringing them life does to a body.

Men and women both struggle with body issues. The majority of them are just part of the hand that nature deals out. So, the next time people are critiquing their bodies in the mirror they should remember that they are not alone.


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